A picnic of books

Eva is learning, learning, learning.  All the time.  She's really just quite amazing.

I'm pretty sure learning can be made more fun with fun books.

Today we had a picnic of books for school.  Eva was excited though I'm not sure that a good deal of her excitement wasn't from books being inside a Grocery bag...

Onto those books. 

We already got Eva another bible.  She had The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments which is very well written, follows Christ throughout the New to the Old Testament, and has extraordinary illustrations.  But, it's a little above her developmental level and pretty heavy on the Reformed side.  I think I must have found my book list from a reformed site.  That's not a problem, but we're not exactly a Reformed family.  We're Armeniformed.  Or something.  

The good news is that we found a nice alternative for now: Sally Lloyd-Jones' The Jesus Storybook Bible.  It's good.  Eva seems to follow it well.  The illustrations aren't as cool as The Gospel Story Bible, but that's alright.  This book too follows The Scarlet Thread throughout the Old Testament into the New Testament, basically shouting out "Jesus Christ is Lord!"

Since we're on the topic of biblical stuff, I also got another parenting with grace book, Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  I'm about half way done and absolutely love it.  It says, "set your family free."  What's not to love?  (side note: also reading The Untold Story of the New Testament Church: An Extraordinary Guide to Understanding the New Testament  by Frank Viola, which is really interesting and Philip Yancey's Prayer: Does it Make any Difference? which is also interesting-like em both.)

 Onto kid stuff!

Numbers by Xavier Deneux.  I was looking for tabs or something tactile for Eva to touch while she counts and this is a wonderful option.  It's a gem.

But when 10 isn't enough, you need CountaBlock.  This book goes to 100.  The colors and images are delightful.  You "count" from 1-10, and then from 10-100, you go by tens.  The images between one page and the next build conceptually.  Love it.

Alphabet flash cards.  These are My Favorite Things Flash Cards.  Love them.  They're big. They're bold.  They're visually simplistic. Wonderful.  Eva now recognizes and labels EVA, and A-G. Lower-case and pictures are on the flip side.

Happy reading!