Purple feet and chickens

Eva's feet gratefully received the first of her serial casts today!

Just look at those happy feet!

Eva's feet (not her heel cord necessarily) were stretched and maintained in an almost neutral position while they were casted.  This plaster cast will stay on for a week, will be removed, her legs will be washed, and then the process will be repeated until Eva's range has reached the desired mark or she has plateaued.  We're praying for smooth sailing and good skin integrity!

In other news, we made a new friend, Theresa, while visiting our friends' farm.  Theresa is lucky enough to have a Kubota, and we were lucky enough that she took us on a ride:)

While visiting our friends, we unexpectedly inherited some chickens.  We are now the proud owners of some laying hens, which is a good thing considering how many eggs we eat weekly.

I love having hens!  I think it's because it gives me something else to look forward to every day.  When I open up the our door latch to see inside their nests and find eggs, it's a surprise every time.  A good surprise.  It's like hunting for Easter eggs and getting a package in the mail all at the same time.

I recommend getting yourself some hens.