About those casts...

If anyone is interested in the medical side of this cast business, here's the rundown:

Eva is requiring a slightly different schedule where she is casted for 5-7 days, her skin rests for 5-7 days, and then she is re-casted.  Her little feet are so short that she doesn't have a lot of leverage at the bottom of her cast, causing her feet to "ride up" in her cast and be in a not-so-great position.

During her rest periods, she wears some anti-deformity foot splints to maintain the range she just gained with her casts.  I got to help one of Eva's PTs make her foot splints which was cool:)

What's not-so-cool is that Eva has to keep her knees extended in standing or a long sit all the time, even when I'm carrying her.  Knee flexion was helping her to get more leverage to wiggle her little feet out from where they needed to be.  But you know what?  That's alright.  Part of the gig right now.

After a week off, here's our girl in all her orange glory.

Like those 70s tube sock casts?  This girl can rock just about anything.