Sunday, Sunday

We have a two week old Sunday tradition: I drive us all into town early for church, we drop off Daniel who volunteers for Sunday School, and Eva and I have  a coffee date at Arsaga's on Dickson.

It's glorious, folks.

Eva is very absorbed with people watching while we're there, but she also asks me to read the Bible to her.  So I do.  And she shares some almond milk latte with a fancy straw.

Today I noticed that Eva was leaning a lot more in her chair and it reminded to share her progress.

Botox injections went very, very well.  The injections weaken Eva's muscles and help them and her tendons to relax so that she can achieve more range of motion.

So far the most marked differences we have noticed are Eva's improvement in her voice projection due to better trunk alignment and improvement in her range of motion in her feet.  Eva's feet are clubbed, and we can tell a big difference in her tolerance to stretching and "straightening" out her feet.  We'll get some precise ROM measurements this week when Eva returns to therapy.  Our initial thoughts are that we're pleased with Eva's increased ROM and find the treatment to be worthwhile and cost-effective.

We also plan to do serial casting to address her feet clubbing (should be easier now!) and her shortened heel cord after Labor Day.  Exciteling!