Greenge and Grorange

That's Eva's "smile" face, her immediate response to your request for her to smile for a picture.
She has some grorange all over her face.  She had some non-dairy veggie lasagna and loved it.  

This is Eva's FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!  It's that front tooth that looks like it's disagreeing with the others on what direction to go.  

And this is our smiley girl.  Still has some grorange going on.

What is grorange, you ask?  And on that note, what is greenge?  Those are orange and green, respectively, from Eva's uncertain voice.   She sometimes gets orange and green confused, but no worries.  She can get by with grorange and greenge.  That way she's never wrong.

Can you sympathize?  Have you ever been uncertain of song lyrics and done some deliberate slurring yourself?  Personally, that never happens to me all the time.