Happy 5th Birthday Evalena Claire Claire!

Today is Eva's fifth birthday.

Oh my goodness.  That girl.

We got up this morning and started celebrating.
opened a gift this morning (outfit. kitty cat ballet flats.  For real.)
had eggs for breakfast (her current fav)
went to therapy (never a bad thing)
had her first latte all to herself (mama Carmen's.  she squealed)
rode in the cart for a few groceries (LOVES riding in the cart)
brought lunch to her daddy (loves her daddy:)
watched Pride and Prejudice (a treat as we have cut way back on movies)
had dinner of her choice (apples, almond butter, coconut milk...and she squealed again)
had cake for the first time (i shouldn't insult cake by calling it cake, but whatever.  it's like cake but no sugar...but, Eva liked it and she squealed. again)
opened the rest of her presents (art stuff and Nathalie Lete tea set and a red baby grand)
fell asleep early;)


It was a good birthday.

We are so thankful to our Father who gives good gifts.  Eva is such a gift.  Such a joy.