Fine Art 101

Eva's birthday is at the end of the month.  We tend to celebrate birthmonths around here rather than just the day.

Eva opened an early birthmonth present from her Granna and Pop-pop.  Art supplies.  The girl is smitten.  Except she would not smile for any pictures.

These were practice runs.  I drew some to show Eva how, and she copied.  In case you're worried, I drew the creepy smiley face.  It's hard to draw with your mouth.  Just sayin'.  

It was beautiful.  Eva would say, "I want _____ (insert color) please."  I would pop the marker in her mouth.  She would adjust the marker and draw.  She would then turn to me so I could take the marker from her, and we would repeat the process.  It was really wonderful.  I felt like a surgeon's assistant.

I mentioned Eva knows all her colors, right?  She zoomed through Pantone Colors.  I really like the book.  You can teach basic colors and also let kids learn that there are different hues associated with the basic colors.  

This one is Eva's independent and final product....but really I think she would have just kept going.  This girl loves to draw.