We're Moving

We're leaving this old house behind.

Our house is under contract and we're scheduled to move at the end of the month.

We're staying in Northwest Arkansas...I'm just not exactly sure where in NWA.

I've been packing up books for weeks now.  The rest will be packed sometime.  Soon.

A friend asked if I was sad that we'll be leaving our old house.  I said no, but I do have some things about this house that I will miss.  In no particular order:

Picnics with my lovie

This is the house we lived in during the time we went to the Joshua Center and our marriage was healed.   

Hammock time

Random cubby holes

my library

and sewing room

Our stone barn

The semi-wild peacock who Caaaaaas all Spring and Summer

Our swing

Wisteria in the Spring

This is the house where we brought Eva home

And totally renovated her nursery with the help of our community group

Our dogs had a nice place to roam

Daniel did some awesome woodworking in this house
So, we're on to another adventure.  Because that's how things go around here.  We like adventures.  We're excited to see what God has prepared for us.