We moved to the country

This is the view from the master balcony
Actually, we're outside city limits in a small town up here in NWA.  Not exactly in the country but the sound of crickets will still lull you to sleep.

Kinda reminds me of Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis'  Going up the Country

God provided us with a great rental.  We have a mont-to-month lease and our landlords are cool with our dogs.  This was the only rental we went out to see and we made the deposit that day.  God is such a good provider.

Eva is pumped about our New House and thus far hasn't seemed too stressed about the move.  I might have over prepared her the last two months with constant dialogue like, "we're selling this old house" "someone else is going to buy this house and we're going to move to a different one," "our stuff will all be at the new house, especially your rocker," "we will all be at the new house together," etc.

Life is good.  We closed on our Old House today and we're ready to move on to whatever is next. In the meantime, we're getting back on schedule with Botox and will be taking Eva to see an orthodontist for the first time too.  Yay for more scheduling with Type B Momma.