Kitchen Helper Clover Queen

Life is a little crazy right now.  We're kinda packing, kinda looking for a house or land, kinda looking for a rental, kinda getting rid of a lot of our stuff since we'll be downsizing, and definitely working through some insurance stuff for Eva. 

So, we're trying to make a deliberate effort to slow down and enjoy life, even if it's just in spurts these days.  

Want to know some of the really sweet things this girl says?

"Hold hands please." (she LOVES to hold hands)
"It's my Daddley!"
"I love you. I adore you. You are my joy." (I even hear this on her monitor while she's 'napping')
"Momma, I want to sing Lullaby please."
*counts to 20, except for that she skips 13-15
*just about says the whole alphabet
*lots of colors, though I just learned today that she can't tell them apart:)  She's pretty convincing
"Momma, I want rocker (and) book please."
"I'm exciteled!"
"Oh, that's cute."
"My momma I hold you."
"Goodnight Daddley, I love you too."