Piano Playin' Chocolate Eater's Blues

Piano Playin' Chocolate Eater's Blues was a song in a jazz piano book I had in elementary school, and for some reason, seeing Eva playing the piano this morning reminded me of that song.

Eva's OT, Julie, rigged a stylus onto a TEAM hat for Eva to use to play the keys.  It was pretty sweet. Eva likes music.  And control.  So Miss Julie really hit the spot with this one:)

Other items of note:
1. Our house is under contract.  If everything goes through, we will likely be moving out sometime next month to I-don't-know-where.  I have been trying to prep Eva for the possibility of a move.  She is very aware of WHERE we live and within a quarter mile from any direction will say, "we're almost home!"  It will be a little sad to rock her direction world. 

2. Eva is talking Soooooo much these days!  I have a mental note to make a recording, but really it's hard for me to stop these lovely conversations to drag out Technology.  **********HOLLY TO THE RESCUE-AFTER SEEING THIS POST, SHE TEXTED ME A VIDEO FROM LAST WEEKEND. ENJOY!******I feel the same way about pictures too.  Which is why we're short on pictures.  For now, but not for long.

3. Eva is doing Easter pictures at TEAM this Friday.  I'm exciteled, as Eva would say.  Not only do we get some precious pictures of our Little Miss, but the proceeds will also support TEAMworks!  Win-win. 

4. We're having family pictures taken Sunday afternoon for the first time ever, with the lovely and talented Blanca!  It's about time, really.