Coffee: The Great Motivator

Because Eva can't yet use her hands, we have been trying in vain to teach her to use her tongue to wipe food from her lips.  Just one of those things, you know?  To make life a little bit easier for her.

This is what finally did the job:



(Full-fat coconut milk foams up like a beast)

And this is what we got...forgive my webspace blocking part of the video.  At least I tried.

This is a special milestone for Eva.  Every child and parent have various 'things' they work on, whether it's potty training, learning to say "thank you," learning to dribble a ball, whatever.  We've been working on this for a while, and it's special because Eva glows with the knowledge that she's succeeded.  I should also add that it requires some trust to stick your tongue out-who would have thought??  So sweet.  She is so bright and understands her challenges and takes joy in her successes.  

And boy, does this girl love sharing her momma's coffee...

Thanks again, Holly, for sharing pics from your visit!  Come back soon!