Reading Material for Snow Days

For big kids
 I found this gem at Potter's House Thrift, my all-time favorite thrift place.  A River Runs Through it is wonderful.  I want to move to Montana and learn to fly fish and be a lumberjack.  Maclean's stories are full of conversation, imagery, and nostalgia rather than it's a good, relaxing read.  I like stories before everything was plotted out and regulated so much.  Maclean's stories are life in Montana during the early 1900s.  It's like hearing about times when kids could actually skip school because attendance wasn't digitized.  
For big and little kids

Typically, I buy all my books at Potter's House and try to get Eva's books new, so I picked these up at Barnes and Noble.  Eva and I had a bookstore date.  I love these books and am generally not a poetry fan.  I didn't like dissecting poems in Lit and prefer stories...BUT, these are good.  And when you're reading aloud all the time (as in to your child who can't read yet), you begin to realize the value of stories that have good flow and roll off your tongue.  Poetry for kids does that. Eva and I have really enjoyed these.  Even though she hasn't mastered English, I had to add Carroll and his made-up words because 1) I like to buck the system and 2) who can resist Jaberwocky?  The illustrations are beautiful and the poems are lyrical.  Robert Frost's are presented by season and are lovely.