She's just a standin'

If you're interested in Eva's therapy world, you should know that she got in a stander for the first time today.  Success!!!

She's a wild hot mess in these pictures.  And yes, she is in her pajamas for therapy.  But that's not all!  She was also in her PJs at Barnes and Noble today while our house showed.  A lot of their employees asked me if I needed help...Because women who take their kids out in their pajamas obviously need assistance.  
If you notice Eva's feet, you'll see that she's wearing some fancy footwear.

She has ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs) with built-in wedges to allow for her shortened heel cord.  This means that her feet point down like a ballerina's.  I don't know why I put that, Eva is a mermaid ballerina extraordinaire. So, naturally her feet point downwards.  Anyway.

She also has "clubbed feet" which actually mean that she has too much mobility, rather than her feet being "stuck" in a clubbed position.  Despite the clubbed position, she can independently move her feet up and down (a little) and can be stretched out so that her feet are straightened on the bottoms.

Her AFOs are really something special.  They remind me of Gwen Stafani's Harajuku girls for some reason.  Like, if those girls were in AFOs, they'd look like these.  I think it's the tininess and the high wedge:)

Ooooh, also check out the ribbon detail above.  Given three choices, Eva chose those classy, plain jane ribbons.  That's my girl!
Our family longterm goal for Eva's legs and feet (lowers or lower extremities or LE) for this year was to get her in a stander.  Consulting with her PT and her ortho doc, the hope is to use the stander to gain bone mass, improve posture, and improve LE mobility.  I'm hoping that we see wonderful things after she's been standing and continue to hope to avoid surgeries until she's grown lots.