Christmas and Coffee and Crafts

We had a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all did as well!  We made our first big trip to see Daniel's extended family in Texas and enjoyed celebrating the holidays with them.  We left Christmas Eve to head home and enjoyed Christmas morning with just the three of us...It was nice.  We kept things really simple.  We got Eva an outfit, three books, and a music set.  I think we'll subscribe to the less is more attitude from here on out.

This is one of the books we got her:  

And-you can get it at Givington's.  They help support non-profits and you can even choose TEAMworks to be your non-profit of choice:)

Onto coffee.  This is our favorite brew.
I think I've mentioned before that Eva loves coffee.  Espresso, rather.  I dip my finger in the creme, give it to her, and she's in heaven.  In fact, her aunt got her/us a Starbucks gift card as part of her Christmas gift.  I might also have mentioned one of my favorite books, Memoir from Antproof Case, where coffee is labeled "the Devil's nectar."  Well, while perusing The Atlantic, I found this interesting article that explains the CONSPIRACY THEORY behind not giving coffee to children.  Very interesting.  You can read it here: The Devious Ad Campaign

I can't believe I once thought that I wouldn't put kid ornaments on our Christmas tree.  I wanted to have a chic adult tree unpolluted by popsicle sticks, glitter, and stickers and a small 'kid' tree for such ornaments.   I've mellowed in my old age and now can't imagine not proudly displaying ornaments such as this:

And now I need to figure out scrapbooking or something to pay tribute to Eva's artistic endeavors.  This was a "heel" painting Eva did in OT-with help of course, but still:)