Put a bow on it

1. I am finished with Christmas gift shopping, and I'm jealous of myself.

2. Etiquette told me in person that it's okay to have wild bed head as long as you put a bow on it

3. I have had at least 10 people strangers comment on Eva's hair in public.

4.  Eva is a wild woman and has taken a liking to knocking stuff down

I realize that this picture is fuzzy, but I had to include it because you can see the wildness in her eyes.
It's easiest for her to use her legs
But she will also wiggle her trunk and get some arm pendulum action going at those blocks
5. While Eva was sowing her wild oats and swinging those crazy arms, I put on my crafting hat and made us all new stockings for Christmas.  With matching footed pajamas.  Not really.

6. I got an email from the people I bought my boots from last year, and apparently Katniss Everdeen is wearing the blacked out version in Catching Fire.  Mine look better.  I generally turn into a five year old when other people match me.  Can't stand it.  I griped to Daniel and he told me I should sell mine on eBay while they're hot.  I told him, "whatever, you can bury me in those boots and my wedding dress."

When I found my wedding dress, I decided to be buried in it, like Miss Havisham except for oppositely.   I told Daniel that if I'm too fat, he can just cut a slit out the back and pack me in.

The boots don't quite go with the dress, but now I'm determined.

7. The Holidays are upon us.  I think we're going to pack a dorm fridge for mine and Eva's food.  A potluck faire would send us both to the hospital: Eva would choke because she can't chew yet and I'd have a white blood cell allergy emergency.  This will be interesting.  Eva's food puree is usually some shade of green and for a while she was calling it "yuck" because that's what the kids at daycare said when they saw it.  No joke.

8. We sold our Rover that I loved.  You know how commercials will show a young couple who's just found out they're expecting and then the guy is in anguish because he has to sell his little roadster?  Well, that was me except for with our diesel rover.  It was not a family car in many ways and it had to go.  I now drive a big SUV soccer caravanning mom car.  AND if any readers have AMCers who are in extension, you should get one!  We got a sequoia and there is a HUGE amount of leg room for Eva.  Goodbye, Old Paint.

9. Eva has specifically requested to use the toilet twice now.  She has not been successful in those ventures, but at least she's interested.  The first time she asked for it, I found her little seat and plopped her on it.  On our blue toilet, naturally, as it's the only one on the first floor.  She was happy and scared and started whimpering and giggling at the same time. I kept saying, "it's just a toilet, it's okay."  The second time she sat on it, she told me "it's a toilet, it's okay."