Oh, My Goodness...She Drinks

Eva says "oh, goodness" and "oh, my goodness" all the time.  I think she learned it from me-and now that she says it all the time I'm pretty sure I say it more often.  Oh, my goodness, it's a vicious cycle.

And oh my goodness, that girl can drink from a straw!  Eva has transitioned from a bottle with a huge hole cut out of the top, to a transitional sippy cup, to an adaptive honey bear squeeze straw cup with her transitional sippy topper rigged on, to just the honey bear straw cup, to sipping from food pouches, to USING A STRAW TO DRINK!

This is huge.  Huge.  Because Eva can't yet use her arms, we figured that using a straw is going to be the best way for her to drink independently.  And it has happened.  Oh goodness has it happened.

When she first learned to suck from a baby food pouch, she and I were having dinner at Mellow Mushroom with my mom and I cried at the table.  Oh my goodness.

So now we can eat out with much less stress and drama.  My favorite pouches are from Oh Baby Foods.  Daniel used to be work neighbors with Fran, the owner/founder.  When we got home from Ukraine with Eva, Fran was so kind and brought Eva a Level 1 and Level 2 sampler package.  What you can barely see in the bottom of this pictures is Lavenberry.  It's wonderful.  My other favorite is Amazemint.  Oh my goodness, it's good stuff.  I tried it.  And this is us, relaxing and enjoying eating out because there are no tears over fighting with food pouches anymore!

In case you're curious about the honey bear cup, here it is.

But, that's not all.  Oh my goodness, not nearly all.  

Eva can simply bend over and TOTALLY INDEPENDENTLY DRINK WITHOUT HELP ALL BY HERSELF.  It's a big deal.  Oh my goodness.