Whole lotta nothin'

I haven't updated in forever because we've been busy.  I can't really say exactly what we've been doing with all this precious time, but it's slipping by quickly.

And we haven't even really begun our new Real Life schedule.  I gave myself three months to settle in before Eva started all of her appointments: PCP, therapy evaluations, therapy, ortho evaluations, etc.  I wanted Eva to have time to know that we love her and that she can trust us first before we start anything stressful for her.  Well, three months are up and it hasn't started yet.  Paperwork delays with our insurance carrier.  I should have known that we weren't done with paperwork delays.  Ben Franklin, our national expert on certainties, should have added paperwork delays in with death and taxes.

The good news is that Eva continues to progress well despite my missing the three month mark for starting everything up-ha!  She lets me stretch her like it's no big deal.  She tolerates more and more strengthening everyday.  She's still not chewing, but she is able to lateralize her tongue better now to maneuver food.

We talk all day long.  I didn't realize it until Daniel pointed it out today.  Everything has potential for a conversation.  We're coaxing language during the daily grind.  I talk to her like she understands everything I'm saying.  And just maybe she does.  Eva is so, so smart!  It's by God's grace that she's doing so well.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that she was in medical isolation for the first three years of her life and only started babbling this last summer.

Science tells us she should be a neurologic mess, but listen to this: A few days ago, Eva woke up hungry really early in the morning.  I was trying to decide whether to put her back in her bed or go ahead and start the day early with some Kasha.  I asked Daniel if he thought I should put her to bed or go ahead and let her "E. A. T."  I spelled it out because this girl has her radar tuned in to food.  Eva quickly responded with "Eat Kasha?"


I thought it was a fluke so I tried it again the next day and she did the same thing.  The girl can spell eat.

I guess "eat" can be considered an onomatopoeia of sorts if you have a Southern accent and draw your words out.  But still.

And no post is complete without a picture.