This Serenade

There's lots of singing going on here.  Eva and I serenade one another.  Eva also sings with her nanny while Daniel and I are at work.  I got home one day and learned that at Eva's request, they'd been singing for the last hour.

It started out at her baby house with soft "bye-oh's" which we now sing/yell quite loudly.  It's a throw your head back and let it all out kinda thing.

We have slowly been adding things that Eva finds endearing: bye-oh Eva, bye-oh momma, bye-oh daddy, etc.  We now add "machina," Eva's name for my car.  She absolutely loves it. We sometimes take joy rides during the afternoon and she loves the loud diesel and watching the landscape go by.  I thought it was pretty cute that the car made the cut.

My parents and sisters came by a couple of weekends ago on their way to my Slowly Perfect cousin's wedding shower.  Eva was happy to see her Baba Adria, Dedu John, Aunt Rachel, and Aunt Grace.  Hearing Aunt Rachel and Aunt Grace is so funny to me because they're about to be 18 and 10 respectively...Anyway, we had a nice time and we now add bye-oh Baba Adria to our sonnets.

I have no sweet videos of us singing because I'm not a real singer.  At all.  Eva doesn't know that though, so we just rock on.

Daniel, however is quite musically inclined.  He has played the guitar for years and will get it out every once in a while and play for Eva.  He plays some of her old favorites from Music Theatre at her baby house: Pockity Moushka, etc.  My mom got some pics from their last concert.

Rock star in a cardigan!