Oh, Daddley!

Eva has added so many words to her English repertoire that some of her old ones are starting to lose their quality-and it's pretty cute.

For example, she used to say, "sabaca" which is Russian for dog.  It morphed to "Facapa."  We practiced "Sssss sssss sss sabaca" lots, so naturally instead she says, "Fff fff fff facapa."

Eva had learned "momma, up" for me to pick her up.  When Daniel picked her up, she'd say the same thing so he drilled "daddy up."  What he ended up getting initially was "mommadaddy, up" and now, "daddley, up."  That's just pretty hilarious to me...until she says "daddley up" to me too:)

She's been quite the talker.  Old words list: hello, bye bye, good job, i love you, your baby, you're my baby, muah, apple, book, more, all done, please, boo!, cuckoo, up here, yes, hi, achoo, bless you, up, Eva, momma, poppa, espresso, juice, banana, daddy, in a minute, diaper, trash can, okay, parts of the alphabet, no, no ma'am, stop, hush AND now: daddley, abcdefg, pretty, beautiful, now i know my abc's, dog, pants, feet, nose, socks, what's that, baba Adria, Dedu John, Rachel (Yechel), Grace (boo!) and "are you sleepy?". 

Regarding communication, Eva is saying lots of: "juice please," "kasha please," "momma up," "daddley up," and "book please."  She's telling us "bye-oh" or "are you sleepy" when it's time for her to go to bed.  She can identify: apple, banana, diaper, pants, feet, dog, nose, and socks.