A few firsts

1. We had our first family dinner date!  We went to Kosmos on 71b.  It's one of our favs.  Eva did great, of course.  It was kinda an evening out.  We went by TJMaxx after that to look for a dressy beanie or cloche for Eva (so we get less stares from the fuzz wad on the back of her head) and didn't find one. However, we did have an interesting conversation.  A lady working there tried to say hi to Eva.  I don't believe in forcing your children to acknowledge random strangers.  People come up and if a child makes eye contact, they immediately see this as an invitation for conversation, when it's actually just curiosity.  So anyway, this lady starts talking to Eva and so she doesn't think we're a rude family, I tell her that Eva might not respond because she doesn't speak English yet.  This started the whole, "yes she's just adopted, she speaks Russian, and no she's not adopted from Russia," followed by a discussion about Russia.  Then the lady walks off with a, "well, Ava, you're pretty in your own way."  Let's all just have a laugh at that one. 

 2. Eva's first ponytail!  This was after probably an hour of me combing rats out of her fuzz wad.  I thought I'd pull her hair back to prevent further fuzzing.  It didn't stay, but we had fun primping.
Notice the paper towel covered bottle: it's to disguise the prune juice inside.  The dark color offends Eva.  
Does that remind anyone else of Wesley's hair in the Princess Bride???

3. I forgot this the first time around: Eva's first SSN:)  She will be getting a second as her middle name was listed twice, ha!