We made it!

Our little family survived our first week back to our real life schedules.
I shouldn't say survived.  Our week was awesome.  We had some wonderful help this week so I returned to work with a sense of peace and ready to see my other kids-which was great!  However, I'm exhausted and wondering how all you moms have jobs and raise your kids.  Performance enhancing drugs?

I remember telling a coworker this week that it never even occurred to me to ask God for things to go as smoothly as they have...with that being said, thank you all so much for continued prayers!  We want Eva to feel loved and secure, and we recognize that's a process.

I do have to share something sweet.  Really quickly.  I ran home from work during my lunch break and when Eva saw me come in, she lit up.  She said, "up, up, up?"  I picked her up and she snuggled with me and said, "I love you!  Your baby..."  Seriously.  I melted.  And you just have to imagine this with her sweet inflection.

There are still some moments when I literally forget that I'm a mom.  It only lasts for a few seconds but it's nearly always the same sequence of emotions.  I feel this vague idea that something's different.  I get an overwhelming sense of warmth and a notion that there's something going on that I've been looking forward to for a long time.  Then when I remember why, and I smile.

Life is good.

God is good.

Camera blitz from today: we even almost match.  Still no shoes for either of us, but those are overrated anyway.

Eva says:
hello, bye bye, good job, i love you, your baby, you're my baby, muah, apple, book, more, all done, please, boo, cuckoo, up here, yes, hi, achoo, bless you, up, Eva, momma, poppa

She loves:
goofy noises, silly play times, reading (hence she's saying book), cuddle time, getting ready to eat, super watered down apple juice, sneezing (her sneezing), being held, morning roll call: "Eva? Momma? Poppa?"-she does this nearly every morning

She tolerates:
baths, mouth wipes, diaper changes, naps

She hates:
nose cleanings.  I think Eva's boogeyman would be The Booger Picker equipped with a Kleenex cape