The forecast calls for a return to work

I love my job.  Love it.  I would not work anywhere else doing anything else.

However, I am feeling reluctant about returning next week.  I want more time getting to know my daughter.  How odd does that sound?

This is such a magical, crazy time.  I never, ever, ever thought I'd be 28 and have a three and a half year old adopted daughter from another country.  With special needs.  That was not in the Plan.  I'm so thankful for God's provision and His plan.

This is a path in our yellow wood where our thoughts and ambitions definitely traveled less, but look what we would have missed
~a year-long paperwork marathon with sometimes absurd requirements that united us as Eva's parents and advocates despite the challenges 
~the offering of lots of ransom money from our bank, our families' banks, friends' banks, strangers' banks (which we humbly acknowledge as God's)
~many flights to a foreign land
~a hard battle to earn affection
~lessons on trust and mana
~45 days in a beautiful, snowy country
~learning how to be parents to our 'newborn toddler'
~learning how to show love, give care, and teach basic skills pushing past language and institutionalized barriers 
~saying "I love you, muah!" 50 times a day
~answering to "Momma" 

Adoption is full of surprising joys.  I highly recommend it.