She might not be happy, but at least there are no tears now with grooming:)
Eva's word list from a couple of weeks ago:  hello, bye bye, good job, i love you, your baby, you're my baby, muah, apple, book, more, all done, please, boo!, cuckoo, up here, yes, hi, achoo, bless you, up, Eva, momma, poppa

Eva's current list includes all of those and these: espresso, juice, banana, daddy, in a minute (99% associated with food), diaper, trash can, okay, random pieces of the alphabet, *no ma'am, *stop, and *hush.
***Before judgments fly, Eva hears "no ma'am" and "stop" only when she bites and "hush" only when she starts The Muted Siren Wail.  Football was on the tele the other night and she told it to hush-ha!.  She tattles on herself when she starts to bite and says, "no ma'am!  stop!"  

Basically, when Eva starts to self-stimulate, we try to stop it.  The good thing is that Eva typically responds well to verbal cues.  You say 'stop that' and she does.  Most often, we try to distract or redirect her from "stimming."  If I squeeze Eva tightly, like a bear hug, she'll usually stop The Muted Siren Wail.  But we haven't been able to find something for her to chew on that she prefers over her shirt collars, my hair (yep), the arms of her highchair, or the deltoid of the person holding her.  I think she's craving that input to her mouth because it's way past time for that girl to be chewing.  She's lookin' for input in all the wrong places. 

Eva's also learning basic polite requests.  We're doing lots of "book please," "juice please," "up please," etc.  We're also working on her addressing us before a request, like, "momma up."  She's not consistent with those yet, but she's getting there. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...Eva moved her arm!!!!!!!!  Last night she woke up when I did her 10 pm diaper change.  She asked me to pick her up so I cuddled with her in bed a while.  She was lying on top of me, on her right side and wiggled her left arm!  There is no way that the movement came from her trunk!  She waved her left arm to the right and left several times last night.  I straight up cried!