All about eating

As an OT and mother of a post-institutionalized child, I confess I have a fear of raising a child who eats only white carbs.  You know, a picky eater?

We already focus on adding healthy fats to Eva's diet for brain development and healthy weight gain.  We add powdered omega 3s to her watered-down juice and usually add a whole fat plain yogurt to her baby food.  I know lots of people will add heavy cream to foods but want to avoid liquid milk due to Eva's tendency towards respiratory congestion issues. Anyone have good ideas on adding good fats in other ways??

We're also trying to introduce a better variety of healthy foods for Eva without overwhelming her sensory system, her palate, and her gut.  I've been wondering about how to introduce the color green, and we found it!  Daniel's work "neighbor" at the Fayetteville square, Fran from Oh baby foods, gave us a wonderful gift: a Level 1 and 2 sampler.

Guys, this is some good food.  I've tried it.  It's against my principles to let a child throw fits about eating vegetables, but I think we can all agree that not all of them taste good.  There's an adult in this house (who shall remain nameless) who still won't eat peas:)  Oh baby foods adds herbs to their foods that give it a wonderful flavor.  It's all-natural, organic, US farm-raised foods, and all that-which I appreciate.  But I have to tell you that what I love is the flavor and the ease of introducing healthy foods to our little miss.

So, if you guys have a little one who's not chewing yet and you want good foods to encourage healthy eating habits, try Oh baby foods!

Eva loved it!  She was perplexed with the different packaging and the color, but at it up!

Praise the Lord she ate some greens!

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