A gift from Eastern Europe!

I just found out that "Darren" has six more months before he is transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His papers were already processed and a huge sacrifice was made to give him more time.

Please help me to share about him-again!  Let's not have this gift of mercy go to waste!

He is gentle with others.  When he is upset or overwhelmed, he often does 'self-stim' movements such as hand writhing or vocalizations.  He listens and follows very basic directions from his caregivers.  I have also observed him to be content to sit still and people watch as well as engage in quiet, exploratory play on their small jungle gym.  He walks with just a little bit of help.

I have noted a developmental delay in all areas which is a natural occurrence with a child who has either congenital or environmental trauma to his central nervous system and has been institutionalized.

Darren is affectionate.  He would love to have a mother and a father.  I'm sure he would also adore any siblings from what I saw of his interaction with others in his room.