I slept in this morning because I knew that I wouldn't be seeing Eva at our morning visiting time.  I awoke to a winter wonderland.  Yesterday's sleet turned into snow.  It is so beautiful here.

My brain wants to file this away as typical Eastern European winter weather and move on, but I am deliberately soaking in this blessing.  I love it.  And I might be giddy.  Maybe.

I had a wonderful coffee date with my facilitator and her husband and learned that I could visit Eva tonight because there's enough snow to cover the ice.  So, I not only got to enjoy this gorgeous snow, but I also got to unexpectedly see Little Miss.  Can I just tell you that I would rather be here right now than anywhere else in the world?

I walked Eva outside her room a bit so that she could see this bounty of snow from that central window over the entrance.  We peeked out and surveyed it all.  I'm starting to walk around with her more to try and prepare her for all the crazy running around we'll have to do in the next couple of weeks.  When I took her outside her room, she kept asking "machina? machina?".  She was wanting to know if we were getting in a car.  Soon, little one.

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