Rub a dub dub

We traveled by van from Eva's home town to the capital today.  It was about 11 hours.  Eva did very, very well.  She's such a tough little chick.  She looked out the window most of the time, taking it all in.

The drive was gorgeous.  I don't think I can express how beautiful this little piece of creation is.  I wanted to take a picture but didn't.  My phone camera could not have done the countryside justice.  It was like driving through a storybook.  Snow was laced through forests of tall pines and birch trees.  Somehow the white birch trees were even more dramatic in the snow...God's creation...what a gift.

After we arrived safely in Kyiv we were able to meet Daniel at the airport!  Woot woot!

Our apartment has a bathtub, so naturally Eva had her first real bath.  Praise the Lord.  It was not traumatic at all.  She whimpered like a little puppy at first, but then she liked it and relaxed.  I got in with her (in case you're that person that is tisk tisking, I was not in my birthday suit) and washed that girl up.

She's squeaky clean and passed out nearly immediately.  In honor of being clean for the first time, she's wearing her Arkansas Love shirt from Aunt Amy...

We have all those crazy medical visa appointments tomorrow and would appreciate prayers for efficient and timely visits between everyone's Christmas festivities:) I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!