Our many colored day

Eva and I both got up around 5:30 this morning.  I figured that would happen since this gal went to sleep around 6pm...

She ate, drank, watched some Veggie Tales, and relaxed.  Then we both (thank you Jesus) took a nap from 11-1.

After that we had what I would refer to as Institutionalization Withdrawal afternoon.

It was pretty rough.  She cried this pitiful little puppy whimper for about 3 hours straight.  Typical soothing things like holding, rocking, and comforting murmurs were not effective.  So, I just let her cry.  It was tough.  I'm totally okay with letting kiddos 'cry it out.'  Sometimes we all just need a cry.  But this was for three hours.

Then all of a sudden, early this evening Eva looked up at me and said "opa" which is our Runglish for "up."  I picked her up, we cuddled, and it's been bliss ever since.  We finished Pride and Prejudice.  She's sitting beside me right now contented and giggly.  She is constantly seeking my attention to 'talk' and to cuddle.  So, so sweet.

I was also able to give her a pretty good bed bath with no tears.  She met Mr. Toothbrush and Mr. Toothpaste for the first time.  We played with them and got comfortable.  No real brushing yet, but progress nonetheless!  So now she smells good all over except for that breath.  We have swapped.  After sleeping all night and napping with a stinky, sweaty little miss, and no water at Hotel K this evening, I now stink but at least could brush my teeth.  This somehow feels like The Gift of the Magi...

Without further ado, belly farts...fun, silliness, bonding, whatever you want to call it