One is the loneliest number

First of all, thank you all for sharing about Darren!  Please continue to pray that a family commits to him and share his story!

Secondly, Daniel left for the states around midnight our time.  It was really hard to say goodbye.  I am staying behind to finish up the process.  With Eva, logistics, and costs in mind, we decided it was the best idea for me to stay as I will have to be here in ten days for court and other official visits.

Yesterday, Daniel was only able to see Eva for about 10 minutes before he left.  Eva is not feeling well.  She's been running a low-grade fever.  The good thing is that they still have the Tylenol we brought for her so they're able to manage it well.

If you are a praying person, please pray for Eva as well.  Being sick is no fun!  I walked over to see her this morning and had to (per babba's decree) cut our visit short and cancel tonight's because her fever returned.  It's low, but I could tell that she wasn't herself.

I'm sure she also misses Daniel.  Her babbas prepared her for him to be gone.  Our facilitator told me that they've been telling her over and over that her Papa had to go to America to work.   I just read over the second part of that sentence, and I'm laughing.

I did get a few sweet smiles though.  Here's a quick video from our glassy-eyed, feverish gal