Give credit where credit is due...

Thank you, Lord Jesus, we had a wonderful day today!

We started our day at 7:50 and ended it after 6pm tonight.  Eva did so very well.  She did cry some, but only during transitions and when she was exhausted.  She was too preoccupied to nap today.

We had several goals to meet today.  Well, really our facilitator did because she has done all the work.  I just came along to hold Eva and to sign my name a few times.  Olga has kind of laid out our plans for this adoption process and she will often say, "this is the plan; for it to work out this way it will be like in the movies where everything is perfect."

Everything was perfect today.  Praise God!

The day was very long and I only snapped a few shots this morning just after we got Eva ready.  I say 'we' because I started the process and had lots of help.  They know I'm a slow therapist feeder, so Powerful insisted on feeding Eva.  The bites were too big and too fast and she puked it up.  Efficiency insisted on helping me dress Eva and jerked her little body around to tears.  Gentle helped me with the hair bow that became a cake topper (see pic 1, but I tried to fix it later).  Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Speaking of clothes, I had a very cute outfit picked out for Eva's passport photo.  So cute. Chic. Etc.  Well, I knew that it wouldn't fly because it would offend the bundlegods.  So chic was sacrificed and instead Eva got a hodgety-podgety mix of clothes that would layer easier, be deemed warm enough, and would match her only pair of shoes.  Of course, looks aren't everything, but there's just something like a warm fuzzy to be able to put cute, good-fitting clothes on your little one!

Tomorrow morning I will sign more documents for Eva's release from her baby house.  The director is a wonderful, kind man.  He offered to let Eva stay at her baby house until we leave for Kyiv because he knows that my cook top is a tea kettle.  But I can't stand to go "visit" our daughter anymore.  I told them that if she's released tomorrow morning, she'll be going home with me for good.  No more visits.

As much as I truly like Eva's baby house and her caregivers, I am a cut the cord kinda gal.   Her caregivers dote on her and treat her like a little talking doll.  I can only stand so much infantalizing...It goes against all my principles.

Praying friends, please pray that mine and Eva's transition to mother-daughterness will be as smooth as possible and filled with love, joy, peace, patience, and lots of learning!