Facing Imminent Transfer: Please Help!

This sweet guy is in Eva's room.  His photo and information is posted on Reece's Rainbow HERE

He has special needs.  I don't know of a specific diagnosis, but there is more information on Reece's Rainbow regarding his needs.  He does have self-stimulation behaviors which are so common amongst children in institutions.

He is in this photo.  You can't see his face, but you can see affection.  He used the small fence around the play area for support to walk over to this little girl and gently rub her hair.

Please share information about him!  If you don't feel comfortable sharing his photo, please just share the details.

He has aged out of the orphanage and will be moved this month to an adult psychiatric institution.  Friends, the statistics for surviving the first three months in this institution are grim.  "Darren" needs a family.  He needs to be rescued.