Eva is betta, betta, betta

I couldn't resist.  I think Regina Spektor whispered the title in my ear.

Eva is better though.  No fever today.  She seemed groggy, but much better.  It was snowing on my walk this morning.  Very pretty and good sleeping weather.

Speaking of snow, Daniel is finally home after a couple of delays.

First, the train from our town was about an hour and a half late getting Daniel to the capital for his first flight.  He arrived from the capital to Zurich with no complications and time to spare, but was delayed in Zurich on the plane for two hours due to snow.  The good thing is that the passengers from Zurich to O'Hare got express passes for customs.

Yea for Daniel being home and safe!

I miss Daniel period, but I'm also missing him being a photographer.  I feel a little bit ridiculous trying to get Eva to do something giggly or funny on my old phone-when all she wants to do is look at the screen part of the phone which has to be turned away from her for the picture.  So, unless I try to hide it from her (nearly impossible) and do some crazy acrobatics for a staged photo to show everyone how much fun we're having, it's gonna be slim pickings from here on out.

I'm still feeding Eva, and it's going much better.  She still likes cuddling.  She still likes slapstick.  Today I held her and walked around her room saying hi to her friends to try and get her ready for all of our crazy running around we'll be doing in 9 days or so.  Also she wet all over my lap this morning.  And then I did laundry at our facilitator's house and her dog was very interested in my lap.   Just keepin' things real.

That was one sleepy girl.

Eva loves it when it's time to eat and we say, "Umm umm."   She doesn't always like her hard boiled meals, but she at least loves the anticipation.  And in the other video she's saying "thank you."  It sounds like 'spaceba.' Too cute!