Correlation and Causation

The average temperature for the next ten days is about 8* Fahrenheit, with an average range of only 10* throughout the day.  For perspective, back home in Fayetteville the ten day forecast averages around 50*F and the range in the temperature is about 20* throughout the day.

The prevailing theory on illness in this area seems to be closely linked to temperature.  I am by nature skeptical but it's cold now and naturally all the kids in Eva's room are sick.  I was warned several times about this malevolent Jack Frost.  I'm glad I just smiled and nodded and didn't argue that viruses and bacteria cause illness rather than cold weather.  Cause apparently I would have been wrong.

Eva has a sore throat and possibly an upper respiratory illness.  I got her some medicine at the pharmacy today.  She was still very sweet, but weak and tired.  Her caregivers and doctors think that this is residual from when she had a fever last week.


And what did Eva want to do today?  Just be held and speak sweet nothings to each other.  I kid you not.  We said "I love you" and then "Eva" and "Momma" over and over and over.  I'm not complaining.  My kind of day.

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