A tale of two feedings

Okay, and this is a very tell-tale picture.  I'm looking tired and possibly defeated. Eva is looking at Powerful who's actually in charge, and Meek is standing in the distance, hands on her hips in disapproval. 

I am on someone else's time zone, like maybe Japan's.  All I know is, it's not USA and it's not UA.  Sleep is elusive. So this morning I ignore fatigue and ask Powerful Babba if I can do the feeding.  She hands it off happily.  Great.

Well, Eva has just gotten to the point where she's eating thicker purees.  Last week her food was like soup and it was truly a Herculean feat to get about 1 tsp onto her tbs and get it into her mouth which she prefers to point at the floor while eating.  It was like being on candid camera trying to grab a quarter that'd been cemented to the floor.  It was ridiculous.  It took us about an hour and a half for her to eat 1/2 of her man portion of breakfast.

This might be a crude illustration, but you get the point

So, thick puree is new and she's slow with it. It was super thick today which made it easier to keep on the spoon (thank you Jesus), but she was not enthused.  Being an OT, I didn't not want to force her head back nor did I want to forcefully shovel the food in her mouth.  I want her to eat happily with me, if she would, if she could: on the train, in the van, on the plane, and at home, Sam I Am.  So, I don't force stuff.  I wait till she's ready to eat and then we do it my way:  with her head in midline, not with her head face down chin on her chest. 

Powerful Babba took my sloth-like feeding nonsense for about 20 minutes and then took over.  In my feeble exhausted defense, I stood my ground on her first Powerful offer to feed Eva, insisting that we were "okay" cause it translates.  But she got me on the second -offer- command.  Power shoved Eva's head back and plowed on with eating.  

I am not mad at Power at all.  She is probably worried about my feeding competencies.  I actually like her-I think I might have already mentioned that.  She's got these huge cheekbones that remind me of my Gran.  But anyway, that was just how our morning went.

Our afternoon, however, was full of goofiness and fun.

I have lots of pictures to share today, but before you go crazy scrolling down I want you to check these out:

Have you ever in your life seen such wonderful bed head???  I love it!  Bed head is probably one of my all time favorites.  Sister little used to get it really bad (probably still does some) and it always melts my heart.  Eva's is extra wonderful and ducky!

Okay, now a couple of quick videos and then the real pictures that actually show Eva's face.