Welcome to our humble home

Just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into our little home for about three weeks.
our foyer
right side (for perspective, I'm standing on the edge of our 'foyer' in this pic)
left side
notice the sink faucet doubles for use in the shower
saltiest and spiciest snack to be found around here:)

Our pantry and fridge 
Stress reliever...Actually, this is our multi-purpose cleaner.  It's sanitizer for our cups and our produce we get from the market.  Vodka is cheaper than bottled water and soap.   It's just like rubbing alcohol.  I've even used it for astringent:)

And here's little miss today.  She had her biannual medical check-up this morning and they took a blood sample.  She was understandably cranky.  Hopefully this evening she'll be rested and feel better.  Then we'll get some more sweet footage:)