Tis the season to partake

We had a great day visiting Eva!  Much of the same went on.  You know, being silly.

This morning I fed Eva for the first time.  I'd given her a bottle before, but we graduated to a spoon today.  She was uneasy at first, but that girl gets really excited about food!  When her babbas put on their special food hats (tall like the pope's hat but made like a starched doily), she giggles and says, "umm, umm."  She ate about 6oz and then had most of a bottle of tea.  

In the South, before we say something bad happened or is going on with people, we bless their hearts.  Well, bless her heart, Eva has a massive overbite.  Like a good 3/4" between those top and bottom teeth.  It's hard for her to get effective closure around a spoon.  I don't know how many times her teeth clanked on the metal spoon.  It offended my sensory system but didn't seem to bother hers at all.  Good thing cause it was nearly impossible to avoid.  And before anyone gets any ideas about defending her overbite, as her momma, I will go on the record saying that her overbite is most likely the cutest one that ever was. 

Real quick-Daniel bas been partaking, too.  These are his favorite chocolates so far.  I brought him back a box last year, and I think he's happy to be reunited with them.