We're trying to be deliberate about thankfulness over here.  It's good for the soul.

Here's a quick and not exhaustive list in no particular order:

1. Sunday-what a beautiful day of rest!  Blogging is cathartic, but a rest is always nice.
2. Encouragement and prayers from friends and family-we read every email, comment, fb message, "vitamin," and letter...And we are thankful for your interest in our sweet little family and that you take time to share words of wisdom and encouragement.  We are so blessed.
3. Beanies!  Being from the South, we didn't pack beanies cause those are kinda superfluous where we live...but not here!  We got some nice little beanies this week and our ears are grateful.
4. WIFI!!!!  Enough said.
5. Alex and Olga-They are both GOOD people.  Good to be around and doing good works.  They work so hard to help us get through this paperwork spiderweb and get Daniel back to AR asap.  I told you guys Olga followed a lawyer into the hospital (ironic, right?) to get a signature?
6. Babushkas-they are working so hard to help us bond with sweet little miss!
7. TEAMworks-wouldn't have met our daughter otherwise...and TEAM, know you are making a difference.  Check out the video:)

God is good.  We are thankful.

We don't have much going on with Eva that's new/news.  We joke that with engaging Eva, we are boiling a frog, taking baby steps, and following her lead.  We joke, but that's really what's going on here, figuratively speaking.

Wanna see another video?  This is from today's music theatre.  Don't you wish you were here?

AAAAANnnnnnndddd.  For all of my TEAM back home, here's a little something to warm your heart: spontaneous physio-ball fun in Room 4!  Also, I'll have you know that Eva's sweet little cribmate, L, was rocked gently in the parachute swing for about 20 minutes...and did that girl need it!  The sweetest thing is that they knew that she needed it.  Love.  And thankfulness.