Puff the magic dragon

All about Eva...
She seems content in general, and happy to people watch.  She also loves to be entertained, until she doesn't :) But, sometimes she just seems a little bit looser than others-as if her inhibition suddenly met some Kryptonite.  Sometimes we can get away with more face-to-face time and cuddle time.

We overanalyze and try to figure why sometimes we can get away with more.  Is it our affect, what we're wearing (bright colors or muted), how we interact, sleepiness, hunger, etc.  While I know that all of these things can affect her mood, I also know that her Vitamins affect her mood.  We're pretty sure that she's given her Vitamins twice daily.  We can definitely see a difference in her affect, her pupils, her awareness, and her jabber.

Here's a couple of brief videos and a quick pic both taken after Vitamin time.

Eva is chill.  I'm talking to Daniel (with my face apparently) and looking like I've had some Vitamins too, ha!
But you know what, it's out of our hands.  So, we're just going to enjoy our time together-Vitamins or not.   How could you not enjoy time with this bundle of cuteness???