Please Pray for my friend Sarah

I've posted about Sarah before-my best friend growing up.  She is now 26 weeks pregnant and has been having contractions.  Her son, Samuel was born at 24 weeks gestation.  He's an amazing little guy.  Sarah is at the hospital now and has been for a bit.  Please pray for her, her family, and especially her little girl, Annalee Rose.  I'm praying for a full-term pregnancy.  I'm also praying for peace and good rest for them all.

You can read all about her and her family at her blog:

They have an amazing, God-breathed story.  Please cover them in prayer.

Eva picture update:
We're doing well here.  Had a good day with little miss.  She is opening her mouth wider to eat and is CLOSING her lips around the spoon...Guess who rocked some plaid today??