No court date for you!

I'm sitting here at our dining room table that we don't use, typing away and smiling.  We have been telling our friends and family that we would have a court date today.  Our facilitator is very hesitant to give us official dates or times because things change quickly over there and aren't certain.  Very wise of her, I'd say.

So all this week I've been looking forward to today, expecting our court date because today is the end of the "7-10 day waiting period" for getting this magical court date.  I was up until 2 am being a little bit excited about it.

This morning I got the email.  We DO have a court date-it's very official- we just don't know when it is.  Why don't we know the date?  Because someone decided to take today off and not sign it.  The date is on an official and probably thrice-notarized piece of paper, but since it's not signed, we can't be told the date.

This is a little bit funny.  I feel like I'm in a Seinfeld adoption episode.  Kinda like the soup Nazi one...except for no date for you instead of no soup...and it's right there in front of us.

Anyway, we do know it's in about 2 weeks so that's something.

I have been a little bit stressed.  But not to worry, I have coping strategies.  So all you other parents out there adopting and going through this roller coaster, feel free to try these:

1. Drink copious amounts of hot tea.  This is the best tea in the whole wide world.  Right now anyway. Middle sister and I joke by speaking in Golem sometimes, my precious, and for this tea, I'd have to say, "it soothes us."

2. Injure your thumb.  I think only Carmen will appreciate this one.  Not kidding.  It's like a neurotic tic thing.  I get stressed and I bite my nails and pick at my cuticle.  Gross huh?  My poor thumb is a wreck and would like a court date. 

3. Stop and be thankful.  The Ann Voskamp policy works wonders.  I get irritated when I realize that I'm doing the All American self-sufficiency act and not laying it all before God.  And in meeting with God, I always try to bring my thanks.  My mom and I used to pray the Lord's prayer before bedtime.  I remember her telling me that prayer is not about telling God what you want.  Our relationship with God is more than that.  We praise God. We give Him thanks.  We forgive and receive His forgiveness...And yes, you lay your burdens down because He's such a good Father.  But come to Him with thanks.