Lazy day

We met with our facilitator this morning to go over our game plan for the next few weeks.  After that, we've stayed in all day, getting over jet lag and illness:) Daniel's got a lingering cold and I have a puffy eye infection.  But we're both medicated, so hopefully rest today will help.

We have a nice apartment in the capital that's close to everything.  A geographical oddity. It does seem like it's within walking distance of any kind of shopping you'd need (including Chanel and Prada, which you know, are the most popular stores for adopting moms; ), touristy areas, churches, restaurants, and monuments.

Here's a quick tour of our apartment, incase you were wondering what our accommodations are like OR you know and you want to reminisce on your time in Eastern Europe.

The bathing room and hand washing room-separate from the water closet

Our bedroom, which really feels like a bedroom cause that's all there's room for

Our kitchen and dining area which leads out to the balcony or "smoke stack" as I dubbed it

right side of our living room

Left side of our living room

water closet:)
And that's it!

P. S.

If you're a praying person, please thank God with us for a safe and timely arrival, our facilitator and her husband, and join us in praying for favor with during our appointment tomorrow