Happy Thanksgiving!

To our friends and family, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and wonderful times with those you love!

In general, life here is like Groundhog Day.  You know, Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell?  That's us.
-Wake up
-walk 30 minutes to Eva's orphanage
-entertain and love on that girl for about two hours
-walk 30 minutes back
-buy more water and/or chips and/or chocolate (Daniel eats about half a carton of chocolate a day:)...and I maybe have an issue with spicey chips)
-snack lunch and take care of emails/reading/occasionally paperwork
-walk 30 min to orphanage
-play with Eva until her dinnertime at 5:30
-driver takes us back to hotel (gets dark here about 4:45)
-snack dinner

This is our first 'just us' holiday, and we tried to make it a little bit special.  It's not fun to be away from the rest of our families, but it just can't be helped...and let's face it-it's just worth it this year!

We tried to make today seem a little bit different and holiday-ish.  After our morning visit and a quick lunch, we had good laughs and good coffee with Alex and Olga.  Daniel had his first Blaser Cafe mocha.

Then we visited Eva, of course.

And for our first solo Thanksgiving dinner, we ate at one of the three local restaurants with an English menu and enjoyed some karaoke.  The karaoke was not optional and was added to our check.  Ah, UA!

Daniel had borsch for the first time and I had (two) greek salad(s) and a fishy fish.  Good times!