Happy Black Friday!

We did no shopping today, just our usual:)  Of course, there were no super-sized American sales over here.

But things have been interesting.  Thanks, friend, for Facetiming:)

And truth be told, Daniel and I are not only Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell...we're also Skully and Mulder.  Every time we cross this one street, this music plays:

I think it's maybe for people with low vision, to let them know when to safely cross, but that's probably because I'm a therapist.  It's probably really more of a memorial because a UFO landed there.

We had music theatre again today.  Eva loved it.  So did we.  It makes us ALL the audience rather than us trying to put on a show for her.  We all get to be doing the same thing together and it's nice.  Most of the time, we are making faces at her or noises/Runglish at her to work in imitating...cause you learn by imitating and it's also fun playtime and interaction time.  So far she has imitated every sound we have made except for a hard "J" sound.

She also imitates words: button, baca, bayou baby (not kidding), momma, poppa, babba, various babba names, Aaaahhhh (dentist sound), eeeeeee, oooooooh (usually before or after a gasp), smooching (we do lots of kissing-hands, arms, her head, dolls...), and that girl says "Mashina" like nobody's business.  Except for she kinda drops the 'sh' sound making it kinda nasally.  It's cute.  Gotta get some footage of that soon.  Smart cookie, like we said:)

Besides smooching, she gives head love and nose love to us.  She also bumps us with her legs (mostly lateral movements) and will give us a hard lean in with her arms.

You'll have to forgive the quality of the media-if I do a video it's usually short so it loads easier...and not really centered well.  If Daniel does a video, it looks like the Eva and Abby show.  And I've learned to not do pictures.  I chop off heads.  Just sayin'.

I took these videos (I know, I'm sorry) and on the second one you can see where Eva locks eyes with the phone.  Daniel has a fancy phone that lets you see on the screen what you're taking pictures/video of.  There's probably a technical name for that, but you know what I'm talking about.  So anyway, she was liking Music Theatre and then little Narcissus found her reflection in the phone and all was lost:)  So we turned off video.