Good morning, America

It's so weird having this time difference.  I'm not a morning person, so it just seems ironic that our posts come out first thing in the morning in the US.

Things are still going well over here.  After a 30 min brisk walk to the orphanage, we had a sweet visit this morning.

Eva's caregivers are eager for us to bond and for us to know her habits and preferences.  I'm very thankful for them.  

Also, our facilitator is working like crazy to get all of Eva's dossier completed.  She actually followed a lawyer into the hospital where she (lawyer) was meeting with someone else.  Yes, our facilitator stalked her down and got a signature.  She is tireless and tenacious!  We love her!  If you're considering adopting in this region and need a referral for a facilitator, let me know!

We went with Eva, her babba, and our facilitator to a photo shop to get her visa pic made.  She had on this super sweet and girly sweater for her picture.  Eva's babba kept her happy 95% of the time during this quick excursion.

Eva is delighted with Daniel.  A male presence is a rare thing in the baby room and I think actually all the kids like him being there.  Daniel can nearly always get a smile from her.  We're definitely seeing less stink eye and more smiles.

And, she called me momma.  It wasn't an endearment, really, more like a label- but i'll take it.  This morning, she was practicing names.  Her babba would point to her, and she'd say, "Yeva."  She'd point to us and she'd say "momma" and "poppa"...after practicing a few times, she turned to me, looked me in the eyes and said, "momma, momma, momma."  

Our facilitator described Eva as having eyes that see through you.  I'd have to agree.  Sometimes this girl's 'knowingness' can take you by surprise.

Another video:) Spoiler alert: sweetest reaction to a sneeze ever