The head doctor who was very fearful of moving Eva out of isolation came by the room today and brought Eva a sweet bow.  She handed it to Powerful Babba to put it in Eva's bangs.  As soon as Powerful Babba put it in her hair, she started to cry.  I think Powerful Babba could make me cry too.  So, it was moved down to her cardigan and a smaller one was put in her hair.  Too cute!  Can we just take her home now?

I'm pretty sure we can thank TEAMworks for this display.  Eva sat in my lap and entertained herself (and us) in front of her crib mirror.  Jabber, jabber, jabber.  

Daniel hid his phone just over the top of the mirror, out of Eva's line of sight, so this is LIVE ACTION. 

Check out those eyebrows!!!!!!!