We had our appointment this morning with the social department over adoptions and it went very well! We will be getting our referral to officially visit Eva Claire's orphanage tomorrow afternoon, and then we will drive through the night to get to the town she lives in.

I'm pretty sure that most referrals are given Mon Wed Fri, but we were able to get ours in tomorrow (early) which is very nice.  Anything to help speed up the process is greatly appreciated!

We also went to the US embassy so that Daniel could go ahead and sign some official documents because he will be leaving after our upcoming court date.  That went smoothly as well.

It's pretty cold here.  Around 36 F with some cold winds.  We walked around a lot between and after our appointments, and I'm beginning to understand why the babushkas bundle their babies up.

Our facilitator and myself just after our first appointment

Opera house

US Embassy
Churches, cobbled walkways, and our facilitator's homemade beanie that is wonderful!  

And then of course we had dinner:)  They have fried Brie here!!!!