I have so many things to be thankful for.

I pray that God reveals himself to me and makes me more aware of the thousands of ways that he blesses me daily.  I want to be more thankful.  For everything.  The big and the little.  God is my source for everything.  All good gifts are from him.

Right now, I'm thankful for so much.  I'm thankful to be home.  I'm thankful for safe and smooth flights.  I'm thankful that I got an amazing 8 hour sleep last night (not including the three times I fell asleep in the bathtub).

I'm thankful for salsa.  I ate a jar of salsa in one day.  The whole thing.  Something about travel to Eastern Europe makes me crave salsa...I don't's little, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

I'm thankful for early birthdays:)  Thanks to Daniel and his parents:)  These will come in handy this fall and winter at home and abroad
I'm thankful for loving friends and family who covered TEAMworks in prayers as we served in Eastern Europe.  So thankful.  I've posted before about how amazing it is that God blesses us when we give.  It just is.  God is just good.  He keeps his promises and I'm overwhelmed with his love.

We were able to spend over an hour with some families on this biannual trip.  Unhurried time for loving, serving, and educating...God's grace abounds.  And did I mention that half of our luggage fees were waived?  Hallelujah.  God provided.  Thank you Ashley Brill for an effective phone call.

I'm thankful for family.  Daniel and I would not be able to adopt Eva Claire without our families.  We have their support in so many ways, it's a wonderful, humbling blessing.

I'm thankful for my mom who prays for Eva Claire everyday.  Everyday.  She's on the top of her list.

I'm thankful for friends.  God has taught me in just the last few years how much of a blessing friends are.  I never knew!  I have a wonderful, close family.  Now that I don't live close to family, I am realizing the ways that God is blessing me through friends.  I can only pray that God will use me to bless the lives of my friends the way that they have blessed mine.

Before I left for this trip, I had two very sweet and precious moments with two friends, Amy and Ginny.  I love these two.  Love them.  I can't count the ways God has blessed me with their friendship.
They each gave me a baby shower.  Just two of us together for each one, and it was so sweet and so perfect.  Beautiful clothes and accessories customized for a little girl who can't bend her arms and knees (yet).  And sweet mom gifts...

I'm thankful that God is the Author.  I had been very disappointed in the various delays in our adoption process.  It feels like there have been a gazillion.  I had hoped to still be in Eastern Europe waiting for a quick court date, but that wasn't to be.  And I'm thankful that I'm not the author.  I would make such an impatient and hurried mess of things.  Glory be to God who is above and beyond time.