I saw Eva Claire for the first time in about a year today.

She was moved out of isolation this June.  She's doing much better tolerating various familiar faces and changes within her (now) broader comfort zone.

She was scared when several of us came into her room today.  Her crib is in the corner of the room.  While I'd like for her to have more interaction, it's probably the best spot for little miss introspective.

She cried off and on while we were there.  I came up to her and she cried.  But then I wizened up and played hard to get.  Her caregiver told her that I was her momma, and she craned her neck to follow me around the room while we worked with her peers.  It was pretty cute.  A co-worker, Christina, worked with her some while her caregiver held her.  She was able to get some sweet smiles.  

Here's the typed visual for you: her caregiver told her the news.  She perked up and arched her body around to peek at me over her caregiver's shoulder.  I grinned at her and leaned more to get a better view.  I then walked around the room visiting various children and would occasionally glance at her and smile.  Most often I was able to get her attention and she would study me.

We're getting to know each other without touch nor words and I'm okay with that.  Baby steps says Bob.

Her spot in the back corner

I like their attention to detail

"Salo" or pork fat spread:)  I didn't get to enjoy it but it's melt-in-your-mouth yummy