In the meantime...

I was disappointed that we're not already in Eastern Europe with little miss, BUT I am thankful to be in beautiful northwest Arkansas this early fall.  It's gorgeous outside!  Daniel and I drove all along Hwy 412 and enjoyed the foliage this afternoon.

It also brings peace to my heart to know that little miss is really blossoming and doing well in her baby room.  I can't help but see God's hand in this 'delay.'  Her baby room seems like the best transition from isolation to adoption.  Her caregivers dote on her and they conveniently speak Russian and of course keep her schedule she's had for over two years.

So while we wait, I'm thankful.  And trying to stay busy.
I have so many friends (and a beloved cousin) who are blessed to be pregnant right now-so I'm quilting away.

The library quilt room is a disaster.
Finished this one that I started months ago.

Made a moose head thingamajig.  I saw this on in Pottery Barn's fall catalogue and wanted to make one for the holidays.  I'm not sure why, but a moose feels festive?  So Daniel set me up on a bandsaw my grandpa gave him.  It was pretty much just as fun as quilting.

My mom shared this pic with me and I had to post it because it's festive and sister little is just too cute!  Miss those girls!

Happy fall!!!